Declan Rice: Me being myself is what’s got me here

Declan Rice Arsenal English Premier League
Declan Rice.

Midfielder Declan Rice has effectively attempted to manage expectation after joining Arsenal ahead of the 2023-24 English Premier League.

Rice played for West Ham United before moving to Arsenal in mid-July 2023.

What Declan Rice said

“I think five years ago I’d be dreaming about where I am now,” Rice told ESPN.

“I don’t actually think about it. It is crazy to think ‘yeah okay, I’ve been sold for £100 million’ but I haven’t thought about it once.

“That’s a price tag that is now attached to me. I just try to play football and enjoy myself. I don’t try to put any added pressure on me.

“Me being myself is what’s got me here. That isn’t going to change now I’m at Arsenal. I’m still going to do things that I’ve done that have got me to Arsenal.

“At the end, judge me on the price tag then, don’t judge me after two or three weeks. Hopefully at the end, that’s why I’ve come to Arsenal because I want to be a success and I want this club to be a success.”

When Rice was at West Ham United

Rice won the Europa Conference League title with West Ham United earlier this year.

“For me, that’s such a proud moment. All the hard work that you’ve put in, from the moment you kick a ball, through the academy systems, all the coaches that you’ve worked with, the people you’ve learned stuff off, to get to this point where I am now is really special of course,” he added.

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